SFU Computing Account Activation
An SFU Computing Account is provided as a courtesy to you while you are a member of the SFU community.
According to SFU General Policy GP-24, Fair Use of Information Resources at SFU, "The use of the University's information resources is extended to members of the University community to help them meet the objectives of their studies, research, or job-related tasks."
Never give your password to anyone.
SFU will never request our users to provide or confirm their UserID/Password via email or by going to any web site. SFU users should ignore all messages requesting UserID/Password information, no matter how authentic they may appear to be. If anyone else is found using your account, it will be disabled without notice.
The use of your account is governed by SFU General Policy GP-24. Make sure that you read and understand it.
By accepting this account, you agree to abide by the terms set out in SFU General Policy GP-24.
For assistance, please contact help@sfu.ca or call 778-782-4828 - IT Services